Weight Loss easy hacks
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Top 10 Easy Weight Loss Hacks

How many times you have started a trendy diet and have given up just within a day or two. I am sure many times. But the good news is that, you can still shed those unwanted pounds without even giving up on your favorite foods. Just 10 minor daily dietary changes can help you in dropping a dress size .

1. Not just water – it’s Lemon Water

Squeezing in some refreshing lemon or lime juice to plain water will not only make it tastier but also will detox your body. Lemons are rich in Polyphenols, which are compounds that contain antioxidants. Since lemon helps in detoxifying liver and helps it to function properly, your liver ends up burning fat effectively. Along with lemon juice add some lemon zest to your drink since the oil in zest have amazing properties too.

2. Swap the sugar

You can’t imagine how much calories you intake just by having a can of any soda. A can of Coke contains 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar. Sugary drinks just add a lot of calories and sugar to your body without even satisfying your hunger. And just by eliminating all sugary drinks from your diet you can throw away those extra pounds. So, the next time you want to drink something, go for for some healthy options like simple lemon water, green tea or green coconut water.

3. Use a smaller Plate

Did you know just a smaller plate can make you shrink? The next time you want to have your lunch or dinner just trade your large dinner plate for a smaller salad plate. When you eat off a smaller plate, you are more likely tricking your brain into thinking you have eaten more. And if you eat slowly, you will realize even a smaller portion can be so satisfying.

Weight Loss easy hacks
Weight Loss easy hacks


4. Swap Your White Bread and pastas for Whole Grain bread and pastas

Refined white breads and pastas are simple carbohydrates without any fiber that your body processes as sugar and you end up gaining weight. Whole grain or multi grain breads and pastas, on the other hand have good amount of fiber which helps you to feel fuller for longer period of time. Foods those are high in fiber also helps in normalizing blood sugar level and fiber also promotes the movement of material through your digestive system and increases stool bulk. So, incorporate more fiber to your diet by just making small changes like swapping white bread with brown bread, regular pasta with whole wheat pasta and white rice with brown rice.

5. More standing and less sitting

Did you know by getting up from your chair at work can burn some extra calories? By just standing in stead of sitting can burn 50 more calories per hour. Sitting all day can have a negative impact on our spine, circulation and weight. So, instead of a comfy chair have a standing desk in your work place and make sure you utilize it.

6. Go small on Salt

Are you one of those who sprinkle salt on their food without even tasting it? If you are doing that then Stop. Because extra sodium intake can lead to water weight gain and bloating. Though sodium is an essential nutrient as it helps balancing fluids within the body, but we only need it in small amounts. Not only high sodium intake causes weight gain and bloating, it can also lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. So, the next time you buy any frozen foods, canned foods or processed foods , do check the label as all these food items are high in sodium.


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7. Go Nuts

Eating healthy nuts can help you shed pounds. Nuts are high protein and fat which can satisfy your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are particularly good for belly fat as they contain monounsaturated fat, which targets bad fat in the waist area. So, the next time you find yourself hungry and you need a healthy option, go for a handful of raw nuts .

8. Turn off the TV

I know many who love to eat their dinner while watching TV. But, little do they know that while watching TV and they are more likely to eat more food and not stick to their portions. For the simple reason of distraction, so to lose weight without making any major sacrifices, just do a simple task of switching off your TV during dinner and concentrate only on your meal.

9. Put Your Phone Away at Night

Putting Your Phone Away 20 minutes before your bedtime is the best way to get plenty of peaceful sleep which is very much necessary for weight loss as people who didn’t get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night were more at risk for weight gain. Sleep is also a period of rest for your body so that it can repair and recover. Human body releases natural growth hormones while sleeping which aids in muscle growth, fat burning, bone building and muscle repair. So, the next time you go to bed, make sure you curb the temptation of scrolling through your social media one last time .

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10. Brush Your Teeth Right After Dinner

Crazy eating after dinner is one of the primary reasons of weight gain. Brushing your teeth after dinner prevents post dinner grazing. When you brush your teeth after dinner it sends a signal, that you are not supposed to eat. The fresh minty taste of tooth paste reduces the temptation of your favorite foods by making it taste tasteless and you won’t even want to brush your teeth all over again. So, this very easy yet simple trick can save you from mindless munching.

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