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All about Indian Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is currently the most talked about weight loss diet .This diet not only gives amazing results but also is quite easy to follow .Since many have a lot of doubts and confusions regarding this diet, we are going to discuss elaborately about the Ketogenic diet today.Apart from a thorough understanding of keto diet i am also going to discuss about how to have a Indian version of Ketogenic diet .

Before we discuss more about keto diet ,lets first understand the science behind it.


Ketogenic diet is is nothing but a low carb and high fat diet. Unlike the traditional weight loss diets which advocates to consume less calories for weight loss , a ketogenic diet works on the principle of:

  • consuming less of carbohydrates
  • consuming more of fats.

In the human body Glucose is the primary source of energy. Insulin is produced to process the glucose present in the bloodstream. Since the glucose is used as a primary energy source , fats are not needed and are therefore stored. Typically on a normal or higher carbohydrate diet, the body uses only glucose as the main source of energy.

When you are in Ketogenic diet you lower the intake of carbs and your body doesn’t get enough glucose to function. Thus the body is induced into a state known as ketosis and enters a state of ketosis. Ketosis involves breaking down of stored fats to produce energy for the body. Since Fats are not getting deposited and you are also burning the stored fat of your body ,you lose weight faster and become leaner and healthier.


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It is difficult initially to adapt to ketogenic diet as it’s nothing like the traditional low carb diet. But at the same time ,human body is very adaptive. If you decide to try the ketogenic diet, then you need to have a proper meal plan that you can follow. To begin with ,the First thing you need to do is to count the number of carbohydrates you eat every day and then once you are on keto how much carb you can cut from your meals. The key of keto diet is to have less than 15% of Carbohydrates for the entire day of eating. So, if you eat three meals a day then you should take no more than 5% of carbohydrates in each meal.


Since Indian diet is quite high in carbs, try the following steps:

  • Eliminate on the traditional sources of carbs. Suppose, you take two rotis and sabzi for lunch, then instead of roti eat grilled paneer. And along with it ,eat any low carb vegetable recipe and salad.
  • It is very important to have low carb vegetable since most of the vegetable contain a lot of carb and that may kick you out of ketosis.
  • And if you have to eat grains then instead of taking refined products go for whole grains which have a lot of fiber. But, if you want good results of keto then eliminating all forms of grains would be ideal.
  • Apart from grains, you need to completely eliminate aerated drinks, juices and flavored sodas as they contain huge amounts of sugar.
  • If you are a fruit lover then you have to limit yourself to only berries as most of the fruits contain sugar.

Since we have already discussed about one part of keto diet and that is low carb foods, lets now move to another part of Ketogenic diet that is high fat. And its not just high fat but high good fats that is essential to this diet. Since we Indians love ghee or clarified butter a lot, the good news is that, we can enjoy a good amount of ghee in this diet. Apart from ghee, olive oil,coconut oil and avocado oil are also few good source of good fats that you can incorporate in your diet.

The next food that you need to add to your diet is various low carb nuts like almonds and our very own peanut or ground nut. These nuts provide you with essential vitamins and minerals along with good fats.

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So, this is the basic idea of Indian Ketogenic diet which has gained a lot of popularity in India in recent times. Since this diet results in loosing a good amount of fat over a short period of time it has become The Diet to follow for many. Although this diet works for many still every human body is different, so you must consult a dietitian before you go ahead with ketogenic diet. If you have any questions about Indian version of ketogenic diet please feel free to leave a comment.

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